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The lost Journal of ‘Wondermere’ Holocaust Children

Rock the Cradle is the journal of Marie Paneth, a figure depicted by Romola Garai in the recently acclaimed international post-Holocaust drama The Windermere Children, and was discovered by Lake District Holocaust Project during research for the drama.

*Includes FREE p&p (UK only). RRP £11.99.

About The Book

‘Rock the Cradle’ is the journal of Marie Paneth, a figure played by Romola Garai in the recent post-Holocaust drama ‘The Windermere Children’.

The journal was only discovered by the Lake District Holocaust Project during research for the highly acclaimed drama.

Windermere was affectionately known as ‘Wondermere’ by the 300 child survivors who came to the Lake District directly from the concentration camps in the summer of 1945.

‘Rock the Cradle’ will mark the debut of 2nd Generation, a publishing initiative with a dedicated focus on the legacy of trauma from conflicts around the world as it passes down the generations.

The founders of 2nd Generation, Henry Hochland and Trevor Avery, both have close links to people who have endured unimaginable horror. They bear witness to the effects trauma can pass on as a dreadful legacy.

Henry is the son of a Holocaust survivor who built a new life as a partner of the renowned Manchester bookshop Haigh and Hochland.

A hugely experienced publisher, Henry has seen at first hand the impact cruelty and hatred can have on even the most courageous survivors.

Henry confirmed that the principal aim of 2nd Generation publishing was to help not only Holocaust survivors and their descendants, but also those in other areas of trauma wherever and whenever it takes place. ‘We need to share their journeys,’ he said.

‘The first generation, our parents, endured the most unimaginable hardships and trauma. They have left a legacy, a baton, for us to take and pass to the next generation.

‘As well as passing this on we need to share our knowledge, understanding and compassion to avoid a repeat of these atrocities’.

– Henry Hochland, Founder of 2nd Generation

The lost journal of a remarkable hero who cared for child Holocaust survivors during their recovery in Windermere is to be published by 2nd Generation, a new publishing company. Windermere was affectionately known as “Wondermere” by the three hundred child survivors who came to the Lake District in the summer of 1945 directly from the concentration camps.

‘As we face the passing away of the last actual survivors of the Holocaust, I think it is hugely important that we do not forget their families.

The survivors faced unimaginable odds and survived through inner strength and tenacity but it was not without pain, and this had an impact on their children.’

– Trevor Avery, Founder of 2nd Generation

Trevor Avery is Director of Lake District Holocaust Project and was closely involved in the research and development of ‘The Windermere Children’.

He also made a personal appearance in the accompanying documentary ‘The Windermere Children – In Their Own Words’.

Trevor, who received a BEM for services to Heritage in 2016, commented: ‘I have been involved with the Windermere child survivors for many years and this brought me into close contact and friendships with their families.

‘These children have an incredible story to tell and are part of the Holocaust story, as are children of victims of trauma across the world’.

The Lost Journal of ‘Wondermere’ Holocaust Children

Rock The Cradle

The lost journal of a remarkable woman who cared for 300 child Holocaust survivors rehabilitating in Windermere, is the first book to be released by dedicated publishing company 2nd Generation